Thanks for making your way to my blog. I publish here most of my drawings/paintings and aim to make it interesting for adults wanting to enjoy sexy content.

My energy is principally going toward my project Affinity, a webcomic showing the interaction between a young man and a technologically advanced female sex doll(with AI).


So it’s a futuristic outlook on the evolution of sex toys in contrast with how we could one day perceive normative sexuality and onanism. It is important to disclose that this comic is intended for viewers that can value a more or less abstract representation of facts and a slightly unconventional narrative. However, you should be fine if you stick by the old western rule of; left to right – top to bottom.

The first and second chapters are completed and work is now going toward Chapter 3 – Undercorium. There is no way to buy a physical copy of it yet, but it is something that I intend on making available in the future.

The best way to support me at this point is through Patreon and by following my progress on Twitter and Tapastic.